NBI Clearance Online Registration | Step By Step Solution

NBI Clearance Online


With many government transactions going the Internet route, you can now apply for an NBI clearance online. This article will teach you how to apply for NBI Clearance Online and the requirements of the NBI Clearance Certificate.

If you are living in the Philippines, then you must know that NBI Clearance is a must need as a citizen of the Philippines as it has a yearly validity.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance is a way to tell if there have been criminal cases filed in the Philippine courts. Its scope covers the entire Philippines in contrast to Police Clearance which is limited only to a particular locality.

Let’s see the step by step solution on how to complete the NBI registration process and get the clearance quickly.

NBI Clearance Requirements

  • Valid Email Address
  • Application Fee P130 per certificate
  • Valid ID

Prepare the complete requirements listed above before signing up when you apply for clearance online. It will help you to finish the online process fast and smooth. Make sure you have a decent internet connection.

For the valid ID, NBI currently accepts the following government-issued IDs:

  • Voter’s ID
  • SSS ID
  • PRC License
  • Passport
  • Postal ID
  • Driver’s License
  • School ID
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Philhealth
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID
  • NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • Senior Citizen Card

How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online

  1. Register at NBI Clearance website
  2. Select if NEW or RENEW
  3. Enter your Personal Info
  4. Apply for Clearance
  5. Select appointment date
  6. Select Payment option
  7. Pay the application fee
  8. Pick Up your NBI Clearance

Register at the clearance website

apply nbi clearance online

Step 1

Select NO For A New Clearance

  • Check the box corresponding to your choice “Do you have an old NBI Clearance issued from 2014 to present?” Select if Yes or No.

Step 2

Enter your Personal Info

  • Provide your correct Name and Surname, mobile number, birth date and enter your old NBI ID Number (this option is only for renewal purpose).
  • If you are getting a new clearance, skip this part. Double-check all the details you have entered before proceeding at the next steps in applying for NBI clearance certificate.
nbi clearance application form

Step 3

Apply for Clearance

  • Once you are one hundred percent sure your details are correct, select the APPLY FOR CLEARANCE box at the upper right corner of the window.

Step 4

Select Appointment Date

  • You need to select a date and time, AM or PM, for your NBI clearance appointment. This is the date when your certificate will be issued to you.
nbi appointment schedule

Step 5

Select Location

  • Choose your pick-up location or NBI branch where you wish to claim your NBI certificate. You need to attend to the specific date and time you have chosen above.

Step 6

Select Payment Option

  • Choose your payment option. You can pay through any bank over the counter, online banking, 7-eleven, Bayad Center outlets, Bayad Center Mobile and ECPay.

Step 7

Pay the Application Fee

  • Pay the clearance application fee P130 per certificate. You will be receiving a confirmation of payment and reference number after successful payment.
  • Keep those stuff when you claim your clearance. A screenshot on your phone is accepted.

Step 8

Pick Up your NBI Certificate

  • Attend to your appointment and bring a copy or screenshot of your reference number and appointment details.
  • Check your document before leaving the center. Now you are all set. Congratulations on your clearance.


In the article above the given information is relevant to the online registration of the NBI Clearance Process. I kept it as simple and understandable so that you can easily get the idea of the subject. Hope you will get the clearance soon after reading my blog. Thank you.

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