How to save your NBI online application form | A Complete Guide

Save Your NBI Online Application Form 

IF you are from those who don’t have their own printers at home. I guess you also found it hard to get a copy of your form from the site. One of the solutions is that you can print it in the nearest computer shop but you can’t figure out how to save your NBI Clearance Online Application form in your USB or Local Drive.

NBI Form

In fact, your NBI Clearance does not need to save on your computer or USB. Since it has been saved in the database of NBI’s website and by your email and password used to register on the website you will see it again.

If you really need to save it and print it for other purposes, In this article I will guide you for such a situation, it’s not that hard. You can easily save your NBI Clearance Online Application in a few simple steps. I have added some screenshots for you to follow.

Step 1

  • Log-in using your email and password used to register in the NBI Clearance online.

NBI Form

Step 2

  • When entering the website, the “Transactions” menu is on the side. click it and will go to your previews transaction.

NBI Form

Step 3

  • The below screenshot will show after clicking the “Transaction”. This way, you can click the “DETAILS” to show another window and to print or save your application form.

Step 4

  • When you click the “Details” the screenshot will show, and by clicking the “Print Application Form” another tab in your browser will appear.

NBI Form

Step 5

  • In this section, you will see the arrow pointing the circle green and that is the print icon. Click the green icon and it will pop up the print area.NBI Form

Step 6

  • Below screenshot is the print area, as you can see the numbers with a pointed arrow.
  • Since we want to save this form, we need to select the number 1 arrow to Save as PDF, then we can now click the Save. The form is only can save to the PDF file.

Step 7

  • This file can save to your USB send to email or print. Now you have a copy of your NBI Clearance. Congrats!

It doesn’t matter if your NBI Clearance Online Application Form is printed in Short (Letter) or Long (Legal) size of paper. The most important part of your NBI Clearance Application Online Form is the QR code and the registration number.

The QR code will be scanned by the NBI Clearance Personnel and all that you’ve written during your registration will appear in the computer of NBI Clearance Personnel.


Here in this article, you get the complete information for saving the NBI Clearance Application Form. Check out the steps needed for the NBI Application Form saving. I hope you understood the article clearly.

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